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My parents have gone to Romania to visit my brother Charlie - he's studying dragons there - and I'll be stuck in the library with Harry, looking for information on Nicholas Famel. Bloody Hermione; I think we had a bad infulence on her...

ANYWAY, owl post still works at Christmas time, so if you want a card, y'all can leave me your adress here (except Krys. Because I don't want to send you anything have your address already) and I will make sure Hedwig or Pig or...someone gets your card to you...hopefully on time. :]
Comments will be hiding under the Invisibility Cloak. ;]

Spirit Day

Originally posted by neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes and at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

Title: Untitled [1/1] (for now)
Author: sir_doctor_x
Pairing: Jackson/OFC
P.O.V: Third
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Jackson Rathbone is my bitch. That's why I'm writing crap about him...
Summary: "Hmm, I've missed you," he murmered against her mouth...
Warnings: Mentions of sexy tiems
Author's Note: Just a short drabble right now; 241-ish words. First bit of writing I've posted in a veeeeery long time. This was actually the beginning of a chaptered fic, aka "the back story"; why they miss each other. I may continue, I may not; I haven't decided yet.
In the meantime, comments are appreciated and constructive critisism is welcomed.

free, free, free the beastCollapse )

can i get an el-oh-el?

Here are a couple of news stories I thought might be of (lulzy) interest; mostly directed towards Dennisse and Cristiann...

Kristen Stewart is 'Hollywood's most overrated woman'

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has topped a list of 2010's "Most Overrated Women" on men's site guyism.com.

The 20-year-old beat the likes of Lily Allen, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus to take out the top spot in the list of 66 women.

According to the guys at guyism, it wasn't just Kristen's (apparently) overrated looks that won her the title, but her attitude as well...

"Kristen Stewart is the most over-hyped female celebrity of the decade. What tops it off is that she acts like she absolutely despises the very hype that has made her (a) more money than she could ever imagine having, and (b) lusted after by millions of men and boys that for some reason think a pale, ordinary-bodied, whiny, brooding chick is the second coming of Audrey Hepburn."


See my icon? Rob is amused. :] I LOL'D IRL. It's so true! She acts like she hates it all but I bet she adores the attention - if you don't want to be in the spotlight, then why bother being a celebrity?! That's what happens when you're famous! And I think this: pale, ordinary-bodied, whiny, brooding chick is hilarious. XD The majority of men these days prefer curves over stick people and there's really nothing special about Kristen Stewart in my opinion..

This one isn't quite so funny...

We love you too, Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart kicked off her ambassadorial work down under yesterday by flipping the bird to photographers on Sydney harbour.

Misery Guts McGee is visiting Oz with her somewhat cheerier co-star Taylor Lautner to promote Eclipse. The pair took some time out yesterday to see the sights and insult the locals with some rude hand gestures on Kristen's part.

After wandering around Sydney's Circular Quay, Taylor and Kristen hopped on board a speed boat for a thrill-ride tour of the harbour.

But despite hundreds of fans turning out to catch a glimpse of the famous pair, once back onshore Kristen ran away from the crowd, swearing at photographers and yelling, "Stop taking my picture!"

What a charmer!


I really can't believe that she acted like that; people turned up to see her and she swore at them and stuck her finger up. They're your fans dickhead! They're the reason you are where you are today! *shakes head* Mum told me that she read somewhere that Kristen pretty much just sat silent at the press conference things while Taylor did all the talking. Unbelievable!! I really can't believe how ungrateful she is; "Misery Guts McGee" is right...